Integrate Ads in IOS application tutorial

Download ios Advertising library

To display ads in mobile applications need to add ad library to app, 20150801 is the current version of Keymob library , you will find ios project files and directories in the folder you downloaded, the following resources are Keymob library related. Download IOS lib you need add libs in plugins to project ,not need other file from ad platform.

Add library to the Xcode project

Using advertising management library need the following a few steps
  1. Right-click the xcode project, open the properties, select "add files to the project" menu, add keymobsdk directory to the xcode project
  2. Add -fore_load item in Other Linker Flags . For example, using the admob and inmobi need to add the following items.
    suppose "$(SRCROOT)/keymobsdk/plugins/" is the keymob library path.
    -force_load $(SRCROOT)/keymobsdk/plugins/Admob/libAdmobAdapter.a
    -force_load $(SRCROOT)/keymobsdk/plugins/inmobi/libInmobiAdapter.a

Note: if you don't add - force_load will not see third-party ads, log message "the platform not support"

Add advertising related OC code

1.Import keymob header files
 #import <KeymobAd/KeymobAd.h>
2.Initialize Keymob
Initialization Keymob library management is the prerequisite to call other advertising functions, the following initialization method is to use the service
    [[AdManager sharedInstance] setController: self andListener: [[AdListener alloc] init]];
    [[AdManager sharedInstance] configWithKeymobService: @ "1" isTesting: YES];

setController parameters 

configWithKeymobService parameters 

3. display advertising
Shown below the banner ads in the absolute position (0,200) sample
[[AdManager sharedInstance] showBannerABS:BANNER_SIZE_BANNER atX:0 atY:200];

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